When we go for a workout, we prefer clothes which are comfortable and can be carried with ease. Zumba also requires specific set of clothing which provides comfort during workout. Here are some tips which can help you in choosing perfect clothes for Zumba. After reading it you will know which clothes to select and which to not.

Like many workout plans, Zumba is a workout which requires complete body movement. For Zumba, perfect clothing is necessary and without it Zumba can become a bit too stressful. For Zumba clothing, some points are necessary like:

Clothes should be

  • Light weighted
  • Sweat absorbing
  • Giving you freedom of movement
  • Loose in fitting
  • Highly flexible
  • Comfortable
  • One fabric that fits in the definition of the above mentioned clothes qualities is Supplex. Try to use clothes made from this fabric

Make sure your Zumba clothes have all these qualities in them so can easily workout and look stunning at the same time.

Don’t wear Cotton Clothes

Moving too much can lead to sweating that may result in irritation or itching. To avoid such problem during Zumba workout, try to wear non-cotton fabrics and go for CoolMax, Capilene, FIT and Dri. Try to avoid cotton clothes. Cotton clothes are comfy but possess very high potency to absorb sweat.

Avoid wearing low cut tops

Zumba is a way of dance which involves lots of movement and if you have decided to wear a low cut top, then it may lead you to trouble while dancing.

Bending down, jumping around, leaping forward, many movements of Zumba can be troublesome for you and highly revealing. So keep yourself safe by selecting the top wisely.

Avoid NanoSilver clothes

Nanosilver clothes are basically designed to protect body from molds, fungi and bacteria during intensive workouts. Companies have incorporated them in clothing for the fitness of sports’ persons so they can stay sweat free. But when nanosilver clothes are washed, their particles start shedding and go into the environment; they are harmful for animal and other living creatures. After 4-5 washes, avoid wearing it because it may induce negative impacts.

Don’t tie long sleeves shirt around the waist

It is a common concept that wearing long sleeves shirt around the waist during exercise keeps body warm and increases fat burn; however, this practice should be avoided in Zumba. As Zumba needs too much movement in almost every direction, there is a chance that this shirt, that you have tied, may slip for your waist and become the reason of your injury. This shirt also adds bulk to your body and increases weight that you are carrying. It is highly recommended to do Zumba with light weight clothes.

Avoid wearing thong underwear

Zumba happens to be a complete body movement workout which can result in sweating. In this case, avoid wearing thong underwear as it can become reason of skin irritation or infectivity. Instead, wear underwear which can soak up sweat so you can work out easily.